Innovation, Economic Growth & Employment Creation

Has Innovation become a Political Buzz Word or can it be the catalyst to employment in the New Economy?

Ideas and innovation are problem solving tools. Government funded innovation must create outcomes.

Endless predictions about job losses to automation and digitalisation create the need to develop a ‘new economy’ and create ‘jobs of the future’. Another headline or photo opportunity about funding innovation may ‘feel good’ for the funder & receiver but creates an obligation to ‘do good’ in contributing to economic growth and employment creation.

Some new jobs can be defined. Others rely on innovation to define:

  • a demand which is unmet or currently poorly met
  • ways to meet that demand at a price which customers perceive as value
  • a supply chain which delivers goods/services on time and in full
  • profitability and sustainability targets

Cost Management Specialists assist clients with applications for Government funding under the various Innovation programs.  We do so understanding that the invitation and evaluation process is not an end in itself.  That end is scarce government resources contributing to innovation which drives economic growth and employment creation.