Why CMS?

You want improved financial results!

Cost Management Specialists 

improve financial results against agreed baselines

Cost Management Specialists add value when:

  • Results flat line or decreasing revenue and/or profit is below reasonable expectation
  • Target costing or better cost management is required to be price competitive
  • Growth targets are not realised despite a strategic plan and best intentions
  • Negative cashflow increases the danger of receivership
  • ‘Gut feel’ is no longer meeting clients needs and market share is threatened
  • Silos within your business undermine client value & add unnecessary cost
  • Failed change management efforts reduce staff confidence and competitiveness
  • Cross functional capability needs to be optimised
  • The ‘invisible needs to be visible’ & the ‘impossible needs to be possible’

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So too is our ability to convert 'best intentions' to your improved cashflow & increased profit.

Cashflow and Profit Improvement Process

  1. Value Stream Analysis

       – document the customer journey to Identifying scope to add value in response to

          demand to improve cashflow and profit

  1. Constraints Management

       – identify physical & nonphysical barriers to profit and cashflow to strategically

          manage to improve cashflow and profit

  1. Waste & Error

       – identify waste and error barriers to profit and cashflow using Lean Thinking & Six

          Sigma to improve cashflow and profit

  1. Process Excellence

       -  identify processes to improve, re-engineer or digitally transform to improve

          cashflow and profit

  1. Action Planning

       a. Improve cashflow and profit

       b. Define Specific, Measurable and Timely objectives based on confirmed baselines

       c. Specify Who/Why/What/When & any Investment required including the cost/benefit

       d. Recommendations on any or all the following:

                Cashflow Planning

           - invest in generating more cash from operations rather than finance & investment

           Competitive Tendering

           - achieve ‘best value’ through clear selection criteria to improve to profit & cashflow  

           Creditor & Debtor Management

           - utilise policies to generate positive cashflow, reduce debtor days & improve profit

           Customer Retention & Prospect Conversion

           - build the client base & the frequency & size of average spend value

           Demand Planning & Asset Management

           - exploit unused capacity, reduce downtime & plan for variance


           - leverage opportunities to reduce the cost of finance to improve profit & cashflow


           - ensure ICT is an integrator & enabler of business intelligence for increased profit

             & cashflow

           Profit Optimisation Revenue Risk Management

           - identify products & services by margin & volume to focus sales planning

             & manage revenue risk


           - promote cross functional capability & align structure to achieve profit

             & cashflow targets

           Workforce Planning & Labour Management

           - align the organisation's needs with workforce capability, labour management,

             rostering and productivity measures