Why CMS?

You want improved financial results!

Cost Management Specialists

improve financial performance

against agreed baselines.

About You

  1. Client value is undermined by silos adding unnecessary cost
  2. Target costing & cost management is an intent not an outcome
  3. Profit is declining as expenditure increases as a % of revenue
  4. Borrowing or investment is increasingly funding operations
  5. You need to better understand digital benefits & risk 
  6. Opportunity for better financial return is overlooked by failure to ask:

       WHY that level of expenditure?

       WHAT better return on investment could be achieved?

Our specialist 'cost management eyes make 

the ‘invisible visible’ & the 'impossible possible’ when:

  • Incremental change becomes Business as Usual (BAU)
  • Failed change management efforts undermine staff confidence
  • ‘Gut feel’ is not reconciled with business intelligence
  • Cost management to leverage ROI need to become a cultural norm

Cost Management Specialists generate the highest ROI when:

  • your value stream processes constrain throughput
  • customers increasingly question price/service/quality
  • IT’s priority is continuity not facilitating cross functional collaboration
  • total expenditure is $10m+/annum
  • staff expenditure, as a % of total expenditure, is a 50%+

Discuss your profit challenges with John Cleary on +61 411 522 521 Confidentiality is assured in converting 'intention' to increased profit.