Cost Management – ROI not cost reduction

As trusted advisers, Cost Management Specialists improve financial performance through an:

  • Enterprise Project (value stream from order to payment)
  • Target Project (specific function, department or division)

Cost Management Specialists act with Integrity under a strict Code of Conduct to:

  • motivate cross-functional collaboration
  • provide recommendations, based on applied business intelligence

to improve cashflow, increase return on investment (ROI), boost profit


Workforce Planning – a major cost management focus as labour is such a high percentage of expenditure

Digital Business Model – an essential consideration in developing a competitive business model

Diagnostic Review – You cannot claim to improve something without baselines and unwise to predict improvement without identifying where opportunity exists.

A Diagnostic Review identifies the opportunity to improve financial performance by reviewing:

  • Shared Vision – the vision shared to drive cross-functional collaboration
  • Assumptions – document and test assumptions underpinning decision making
  • Baselines – business intelligence confirming current performance baselines
  • Capacity & Utilisation – identifying capacity, utilisation & underutilisation
  • Financial Performance – ratios and trends down the accounting waterfall
  • Staff Performance – what KPIs exist and with what accountability
  • System Performance– what systems exist and contribute to or undermine performance
  • IT Performance – does it acts as an enabler and integrator
  • Reporting – reports published regularly, for what audience purpose and impact
  • Process Mapping – map the value stream of an Enterprise or Target Project.
  • Competitive Landscape – is it understood & used for competitive advantage

Tendering on your behalf for funding or grants for which your business is eligible

Presale Optimisation – business owner’s investment of finance, time, energy & sweat deserves maximum ROI to fund quality of life for the rest of their life. Real estate and car sales markets prove the value of a pre-sales polish to maximise the sale price. 

A CMS ‘operational polish‘ assists Owner/Managers to transition to working ‘on their business’ to maximise the value of their nest egg to enable additional monetary & lifestyle options beyond the sale.


Operational Audit – function, department or division is underperforming and undermining financial results.

Issues can include operating as a silo, customer complaints, reverse supply chain, quality, error, waste, cost, waiting, overproduction, excess inventory, unplanned overtime.

Outcomes target performance improvement using audit results and applied business intelligence

Competitive Tendering – Supply‘best value’ and cost-benefit in purchasing (what you require from others) through market testing and tendering.

Competitive Tendering – Production objective is demand planning based on a competitivity and cost analysis to determine ‘best value’ and cost-benefit in production (what you supply to others) through market testing, process improvement, target costing and examining insource/outsource options. 

If financial improvement is on your agenda, contact Cost Management Specialists on +61 411 522 521 or email to better understand what we contribute as a committed partner.