Digital is NOW.  Just as a wheel, electricity & computers were once new, digital transformation is an essential component of a competitive business model.

Digital benefits flow across all business channels, processes & data from a Digital 1st culture, to streamlined operations through automation with greater transparency.

Digital Transformation Challenges:

  • management relying on traditional experience
  • participants ‘fear uncertainty & doubt’
  • technology rather than people & culture focus
  • digital decision makers poor operational understanding
  • inconsistent C Suite & management support
  • slow decision making because of internal politics
  • silos not challenged for inconsistent customer quality
  • challenges in making digital strategy operational
  • regression when the ‘learning effect’ delays benefits
  • fear of impact of social media on productivity

Digital transformation Opportunities:

  • Business model redesign with an outside-in customer-centric view
  • Innovative strategies to overcome previously accepted constraints
  • Agreement on improving, re-engineering or transforming value stream processes
  • New revenue streams with lower cost & higher margin
  • Automated & timely business intelligence reporting
  • Staff development/recruitment to enhance value in a digital business model

Digital transformation delivers competitive advantage

Cost Management Specialists facilitate cross functional collaboration to deliver digital benefits including greater customer satisfaction & increased profit.

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