Digital Transformation

Digital 1st

– assuming a digital solution to every opportunity or problem. 

Technology or People, Infra Structure, and Information?

Wheels, electricity & computers were once considered innovative but are now taken for granted, just as a digital business model is now taken for granted, and has become ‘business as usual’ in leading businesses.

Digital technology is an enabler to remove previously accepted constraints. Support staff  by invest time and effort into their essential mindset shift required to optimise the benefits of a digital business model.

Digital 1st is cultural, organisational and operational integration of people, information & infrastructure to create value, increase revenue, streamline operations & manage cost.

Cost Management Specialists focus on the opportunity to be exploited or the problem to be solved to better meet customer needs, communicate, collaborate, decision make & optimise throughput to demand.

Source: Kubler Ross Change Curve

Cost Management Specialists partner with you to leverage value from a Digital Business Model by: 

  • Facilitating agreement on Digital 1st objectives to be met through a Digital 1st Plan
  • Identifying potential new revenue streams to deliver higher margin at lower cost
  • Identifying previously accepted constraints to business model change
  • Proposing innovative strategies to overcome constraints to a digital business model
  • Mapping As Is and To Be to identify processes to be digitalised or deleted
  • Encouraging business model co-design from an outside-in customer-centric view
  • Motivating key stakeholders ‘buy-in’ and ‘ownership’ of the digital business model
  • Challenging silos which contribute to inconsistent customer quality or add unnecessary cost
  • Identifying essential software and software integration to enable and integrate Digital 1st
  • Supporting users to optimise quality and throughput in a digital business model
  • Identifying staff development/recruitment needs to leverage the benefits of a digital business model
  • Automating reporting to make better use of business intelligence
  • Managing the risk of regression if the ‘learning effect’ delays digital transformation benefits

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