Digital Transformation

Digital solutions to exploit opportunity and manage risk 

Things once considered innovative are soon taken for granted just as a digital business model has become ‘business as usual’ in leading businesses. Digital is not just Technology.

Digital transformation, using a Digital 1stmindset , leads to cultural, organisational and operational integration of people, information & infrastructure to streamline flow, create value, increase revenue, streamline operations, manage cost and remove previously accepted constraints.

Source: Kubler Ross Change Curve

Cost Management Specialists leverage value from digital transformation by: 

  • Facilitating agreement on specific and measurable objectives to be delivered by a Digital 1st strategy
  • Identifying previously accepted constraints to the business model 
  • Proposing strategies and tactics to overcome constraints on the benefits of a digital business model
  • Identifying opportunity to achieve higher margin from current revenue streams
  • Proposing new revenue streams and the additional revenue they will create
  • Mapping As Is to identify processes to be improved, re-engineered, digitalised or deleted
  • Motivating C Suite and key stakeholders ‘buy-in’ to Digital 1st and digital business model development
  • Optimising quality and throughput through an outside-in customer-centric digital business model
  • Automating reporting and dashboards to make business intelligence the driver of all decision making
  • Identifying essential software and software integration to facilitate digital transformation
  • Identifying staff development/recruitment needs to better leverage the benefits of a digital business model
  • Highlighting silos contributing to a poor customer experience or adding unnecessary cost
  • Managing the risk of regression if the ‘learning effect’ delays digital transformation benefits

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