ROI & Profit

Increased Return On Investment & Profit

Cost Management Specialists increase ROI to boost profit by:

  • connecting people, information, and infrastructure
  • motivating cross-functional collaboration based on applied business intelligence
  • confirming baselines to set performance improvement targets
  • making recommendations to performance improvement targets which increase ROI & profit

Cost Management Specialists improve financial performance through:


Organisational Diagnostic Review

  • identifies opportunity to improve financial performance by targets arising from analysis of:
    • Vision – is the vision shared and does it drive or undermine cross-functional collaboration
    • Assumptions, Unwritten Policies, ‘Gut Feelings’ – challenged, reconfirmed, or rejected
    • Baselines – use of business intelligence to confirm current performance baselines
    • Capacity & Utilisation – identifying capacity, utilisation & underutilisation
    • Financials – review ratios and trends down the accounting waterfall
    • Staff – what KPIs exist and with what performance responsibility and accountability
    • Systems – what systems exist and how do they contribute to or undermine performance
    • IT – does Information Technology acts as an enabler, automater and integrator
    • Reporting – what reports are published regularly, for what audience, purpose, and impact
    • Value Stream– process mapping identifying waste, error, and variance
    • Competitive Landscape – is it understood & managed for competitive advantage

Pre Sale Optimisation

– the real estate and car markets prove the value of a pre-sales polish to maximise sale price.

Business owner’s investment of finance, time, energy and sweat deserves maximum ROI to fund quality of life for the rest of the owner’s life. An ‘operational polish‘ assists Owner/Managers to maximise the value of their nest egg to enable additional monetary & lifestyle options.


  1. Operational Audit– audit of a function, department or division undermining financial results. Issues can include cost, operating as a silo, customer complaints, reverse supply chain, quality, error, waste, waiting, overproduction, excess inventory, unplanned overtime. Outcomes set performance improvement target based on applied business intelligence.
  2. Competitive Tendering (Supply) – ‘best value’ and cost-benefit in purchasing(what you require from others) through market testing and tendering.
  3. Margin Optimisation optimising cost/benefit in what you supply to others, in total or in part, through benchmarking, process improvement, target costing and insource/outsource options.

When financial performance improvement is on your agenda, contact  John Cleary on +61 411 522 521 to discuss a partnership based on achieving performance improvement targets which increase ROI & profit.