Consulting Projects increase ROI and boost profit by:

  • connecting people, information, and infrastructure
  • motivating cross-functional collaboration using applied business intelligence
  • confirming performance baselines to set performance improvement target benchmarks
  • recommending strategies and tactics to achieve performance improvement targets 


Streamlining the value stream makes ‘the whole’ greater than the ‘sum of the parts’ and better integrates an organisation. In a Whole of Enterprise Project (e.g. Workforce Panning, Leveraging ROI), Cost Management Specialists analyse workflow and each value stream process (order to payment), to identify opportunities to add value, minimise waste, reduce error and manage variance.

i. Organisational Diagnostic Review

 Objective: identify opportunities to achieve financial performance targets following analysis of:

    • Vision – is the vision shared and does it drive or undermine, cross-functional collaboration?
    • Value Stream– process mapping from order to payment to agree As Isto later determine To Be
    • Competitive Landscape– is it understood & managed for competitive advantage?
    • Assumptions, Unwritten Policies, ‘Gut Feelings’–documented, reconfirmed or rejected?
    • Baselines– business intelligence to confirm current key performance baselines
    • Capacity & Utilisation– identifying capacity, target utilisation & underutilisation/overutilisation
    • Financials– review of significant ratios and trends down the accounting waterfall
    • Staff – what KPIs exist and how they integrate with performance responsibility and accountability?
    • Systems– what systems exist and how do they contribute to or undermine performance?
    • IT– does Information Technology acts as an enabler, automater and integrator?
    • Reporting– review reports published regularly to analyse the audience, purpose, and impact

          ii. Leveraging ROI Projects (previously Find the Hidden Profit)

    • facilitate cross-functional collaboration to agree As-Is, challenges and solutions (To-Be)
    • use timely and accurate business intelligence to inform decision making
    • reconcile diverse views to agree on how to make ‘the whole’ greater than ‘the sum of the parts’
    • identify strategies and tactics to add value, improve cashflowincrease ROI & boost profit

Leveraging ROI Projects can be across the entire value stream (enterprise) or processes within the value stream (Division, Department, Workgroup)

iii Pre Sale Optimisation

Business owner’s investment (finance, time, sweat) deserves maximum ROI to enable additional monetary & lifestyle options and to fund the next opportunity and/or quality of life for the rest of their life. 

A presale ‘operational polish‘ assists Business Owners to maximise the value of their nest egg just as the real estate and car markets have proven the value of a pre-sales polish to maximise the sale price.


i. Operational Audit– audit of an underperforming function, department or division. Issues can include revenue risk/optimisation, unmanaged cost, operating as a silo, customer complaints, quality, error, waste, waiting, reverse supply chain, overproduction, excess inventory, unplanned overtime, machine downtime.

The outcome is key stakeholders agreement on performance targets using applied business intelligence.

ii. Competitive Tendering (Supply)– testing the market to achieve ‘best value’ and cost-benefit from purchasing (what you buy from others) often to improve the margin on what you sell to others.

iii. Margin Optimisation optimising cost/benefit in what you supply to others, in total or in part, through benchmarking, process improvement, target costing and insource/outsource options.

When financial performance improvement is required, contact  John Cleary on +61 411 522 521 to discuss a partnership to achieve targets which increase ROI & profit.