Small Business

Accounting records and reports historical financial transactions.

Cost management improves financial performance by enhancing day to day operations

(clarity, adding value, process improvement, minimising waste, reducing error, and managing variance.)

Quality financial advice doesn’t have to be:

  • Complex and is simplified by practical tactics to increase return on investment
  • Expensive and isn’t when it increases return on your day to day business investment

 Cost Management Specialists improve financial performance for:

  • A New Business by developing a financial management strategy and tactics within a Business Plan including budget, costing, pricing, financial KPIs, financial reporting, rework & reverse supply chain management.
  • A Business for Sale by a pre-sale financial tune up to enhance owners/shareholder sale value using ‘cost management eyes’ to highlight opportunities to make the business more valuable to a buyer.
  • An Existing Business by maximising return on investment on day to day operations by any of the following:

a. identifying cost management, revenue optimisation and profit enhancement opportunities

b. process mapping the value stream (order to payment) to identify:

      • revenue opportunities including increasing the sales volume of high margin products
      • scope to minimise waste, reduce error and manage variance

c. documenting the pricing, margin, and volume strategy

d. assessing the effectiveness of the organisational structure in achieving revenue and profit targets

d. reviewing financial reporting to assess reports timeliness, accuracy, impact, and value

e. highlighting digital transformation opportunities to enhance customer value at higher margin

f. auditing supply contracts and competitively tendering to achieve better value

g. demand planning and forecasting to match throughput to demand

i. inventory analysis to maximise revenue opportunities and improve cashflow

j. undertaking a Margin X Volume and Break Even analysis for specific or all products/services

k. identifying revenue risk to be managed through a revenue management strategy

Cost Management Specialists increase your return on investment and to make more possible.

More of the same or embracing business development opportunities to increase profitability and business sale value.

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