best value’ from purchasing!

1. Best Value 

If you haven’t tested the 2021 Covid-19 supply market for a single good or service with an annual expenditure of $25,000/annum, Cost Management Specialists will identify better & ‘best value’ through a tender to achieve:

  • increased value with the same or better quality
  • improved service at the same or lower cost
  • streamlined process with enhanced measurement and reporting
  • performance-based Agreements with your selected supplier
  • updated Contracts Register with Bring Forward functionality
  • waste minimised – inventory based on demand
  • minimised reverse supply chain resulting from purchasing poor quality

2. Integrity – Code Of Conduct

3rd party payment or reward is prohibited for Cost Management Specialists staff and contractors.

Bidders accept that there is no guarantee they will win a Tender but reasonably expect a fair and transparent process to demonstrate their ability to deliver ‘best value’.  An honest and fair process requires that client’s staff and Cost Management Specialists respect the confidentiality of information provided in a EOI/RFQ/RFT process, which is ‘commercially in confidence’ and not in the public domain.

3. Outsourced Expertise

Cost Management Specialists have provided outsourced tendering expertise for decades underpinned by:

  • cost-benefit as the primary objective and best value as the outcome
  • great results on the key criteria of Value, Quality, Service, and Price
  • review of purchasing volumes against Demand Planning, Throughput and Inventory levels
  • streamlining ordering, delivery, receipt, and inventory.
  • developing staff understanding of the gap between ‘best value’ and current supply
  • ongoing market testing to identify best practice solutions and suppliers
  • production of a Tender document defining needs, objectives, timelines, and evaluation criteria
  • a Code of Conduct based on integrity and stipulating no 3rd part payment/ benefits
  • Bidders confidence that submitting a Tender is a worthwhile investment of their time and effort
  • optimising technology to streamline both the tender and procurement process

4. Higher Return On Your Investment (ROI)

 Supply markets change continually and even faster in a pandemic. 

Cost Management Specialists guarantee is that your benefit from tendering will exceed your cost of us tendering on your behalf. We promote competition to improve ROI on each of the key tender criteria below:

Pre Tender


Post Tender

Variable volume, size, frequency Product Optimum volume, size, frequency
Duplication – rework & waste Process Process Excellence
Paying above market price Price Competitive with market price
Undefined, reactive Service Meets Service Level Agreement
Accepted as fit for purpose Quality Equal to or greater than
Higher than necessary Inventory Matches Demand Planning
Overuse & past use-by dates Waste Correct use within use-by dates
Constrained Cashflow Improved
Maximum use for continuity Overdraft Reduced – improved cashflow
Constrained Profit Improved
Purchasing practices reflect history Transport Less rework & double handling
Paper – siloed, inaccessible Systems Software- integrated, accessible

Contact John Cleary on +61 411 522 521 to discuss receiving ‘best value’ by tendering your major areas of supply.