Why CMS?

You need & want increased profit!

 Cost Management Specialists

increase profit against agreed baselines!

Our 'hidden profit’ eyes identify:

WHO is the accountable process owner?

WHY that process/time/waste/error/variance & cost?

WHAT enhancement/re-engineering/transformation,

informed by customer value & target costing, will increase ROI?

Recognise any of the following in your business?

  • Revenue risk is not measured or managed
  • Expenditure is increasing as a % of Revenue
  • Standard operating procedures are varied regularly
  • Silos add cost, undermine customer value & reduce profit
  • Operations increasingly rely on an overdraft or capital investment
  • Incremental change becomes Business as Usual (BAU)
  • Target costing is an intent but not an outcome
  • Digital opportunities & risk are not understood or managed
  • Failed change management efforts undermine staff confidence
  • ‘Gut feel’ takes priority over fact & business intelligence

“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”           Wayne Gretzky


Convert intention to action by taking leadership initiative today!

Address your cashflow & profit challenges while the opportunity exists.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.  So is 100%+ return on your investment.

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