Why CMS?

Cost Management Specialists begin with the end in mind

– financial performance improvement to agreed targets.

How CMS engage stakeholders in financial improvement:

  • confirming As Is with key stakeholders to define To Be
  • aligning day to day operations with improvement targets
  • decision making based on business intelligence
  • defining a Digital First pathway to opportunity
  • proposing innovativion to enhance a business model
  • achieving ‘best value’ in what is produced & procured
  • financial improvement down the accounting waterfall

CMS clients typically turn over in excess of $15 m+/annum.

CMS also support StartUps to realise opportunity through a commercial business model with a streamlined value stream.

See our Client list.

Our Code of Conduct ensures no conflict of interest.

Specialist assistance with developing & implementing a strategy to improve profit because of the following:

  • Expected/required ROI & profit below expectations
  • Growth target failure e.g. revenue or clients
  • Losing market share without reduction in operating cost
  • Prices are uncompetitive & target costing is required
  • Business relies on ‘gut feel’ not business intelligence or forecasting
  • Receivership risk – cashflow & diminishing return
  • Performance has flatlined or is going backward
  • Cancer of silos reducing client value & adds cost
  • Inflexible thinking in an agile competitive environment
  • Struggling to manage internal/external change drivers
  • Lack of strategic insight into opportunities & challenges

Call John Cleary on +61 411 522 521 or email roi1@costms.com.au if you value specialist expertise to improve profit, ROI & sustainability.

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