About Us

Cost Management Specialists

- solutions to fund identified opportunities to:

  • increase profit, improve cashflow & leverage greater ROI
  • optimise revenue, minimise waste, reduce error 
  • streamline flow & develop a more agile &cross functional culture
  • engage staff in business intelligence & forecasting

Consulting Principal

John Cleary founded CMS in 1993 & is valued by national & international clients for his cost management skills & ability to increase profit.

John holds post graduate qualifications & is a Fellow of the Certified Institute of Cost Management & the Institute of Company Directors. 

John is committed to outcomes that are multiples of client investment. He brings expertise to engage staff in cost management projects to develop staff insight & career opportunities. 

CMS Consultants bring cost management 'eyes & ears', tools & techniques & often ask WHY to make the invisible visible & identify opportunities in:

  • revenue optimisation and the 'opportunity cost' of 'revenue foregone'
  • a reverse supply chain measuring client's perception of poor quality
  • physical & non-physical constraints which reduce flow, throughput & profit
  • non-value adding activities, waste, error & variance (labour/assets/capital)
  • process improvement and/or re-engineering and/or digital transformation
  • the cancer of silos where ‘the parts’ undermine 'the whole' in delivering value
  • hidden profit to convert to banked $s

Contact Cost Management Specialists roi1@costms.com.au

If you are serious about improving profit, ring John Cleary direct on 0411 522 521

Cost Management Specialists Facilitation

Cost Management Specialists Training

Return on Investment (ROI) Redefined

CMS maximises return on investment for:

  • Owners - improving return on capital with confidence in ongoing profitability
  • Clients - creating the perception of value in meeting needs 'in full' and 'on time'
  • C Suite & Managers - skill in using labour, capital & plant in leveraging return
  • Staff - expertise and experience developing 'job skills for life' & career opportunities

Value Stream Thinking

The value stream includes all activities and processes from order to fulfillment to payment.  It represents the interrelationship between silos in meeting customers needs.

the CMS enterprise improvement strategy is to streamline the value stream which increasingly includes digital transformation. 

‘Above the water’ value stream activity hides a myriad of ‘below' the water’ activity.  

The challenge is for all business activity to deliver client value 'on time' and 'in full'.

Value adding and Waste across the Value stream from Order to Payment

Functional silos and processes along a value stream. Optimum value is created through cross functional collaboration making ‘the whole' greater than ‘the sum of the parts’.