Hit Financial Performance Improvement Targets!

Cost Management or Cost Reduction

Cost Management Specialists increase return on your daily business investment (ROI) by hitting financial performance improvement targets to increase profit & business value.

It is easy to be ‘busy being busy’ yet fail to maximise ROI. Cost management with a revenue mindset delivers the results you need. Cost reduction or expense reduction may be required but rarely as your 1st choice. 

Recognise any or all of these common reasons why clients partner with Cost Management Specialists?

Drivers of poor financial performance


Consider these services to increase short & long term ROI on your current daily business investments.

Performance Improvement – Whole of enterprise or a Targeted Project within the Value Stream (order to payment, department, function) to identify scope to add value and minimise waste, error, & variance to improve performance on cost, quality, throughput, ROI and profit.

Digital Transformation – embracing technology to enable secure access to business intelligence for decision making anytime, anywhere without the constraint of a manual process, records or paper

Demand Planning – develop a customer-centric agile workforce managing labour capacity to meet demand and utilisation targets. Demand and Workforce planning provide insight for Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

Workforce Planning – aligning Structure with Strategy to allocate the right people, to the right place, with the right capabilities at the right time for the right time to match throughput to customer demand

Target Costing – product cost management, when the market determines price outside your control, to deliver target margin at specific volumes.

Tendering – testing the market to achieve ‘best value’ from supply to maximise your cost-benefit as a supplier or as a  purchaser.

See examples of Whole of Enterprise and Target Projects on the Consulting page.

Cost Management with an Action Bias & Revenue Focus 

The cost-benefit of implementing Cost Management Specialists recommendations can repay your investment within 12 months. Partner with Cost Management Specialists to solve cost management challenges and identify revenue opportunities using applied insight from:

Management Accounting

incl. Target Costing

Business Process Management

incl. Value Stream Mapping

Organisational Development

incl. Human Resource Mngt.

Data Science

incl. Business Intelligence

Information Technology

incl. Digital Transformation

Digital Marketing

incl. Revenue Generation

Each of the terms above is defined on the Definitions page


Cost Management Specialists are honest brokers and trusted advisers operating under a transparent Code of Conduct. We have created value & delivered performance improvement across diverse industries.

See our Client List. Clients typically have an annual turnover of up to $50m+/annum but also include Startups.

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To improve your financial performance (ROI on your daily investment and profit), contact Cost Management Specialists at roi1@costms.com.au or on +61 411 522 521.