CMS Facilitators assist teams & groups to challenge assumptions, share diverse views, blend specialist & generalist expertise & reach consensus on profit improvement strategies & tactics.

CMS uses principles outlined in Fierce Conversations:

  • Interrogate reality
  • Provoke learning
  • Tackle tough challenges
  • Enrich relationships

Begin with the end in mind. CMS facilitate a clear pathway to agreed profit improvement outcomes through enriched relationships which test paradigms to produce realistic problem solving solutions

CMS Facilitators use their skills, expertise & experience to canvass broad options, focus discussion, motivate participation, address & resolve difficult challenges and opportunities. 

CMS facilitators enable groups to:
•    highlight key issues
•    identify solutions (specific, measurable & timely outcomes)
•    take ‘ownership’ for essential action to achieve agreed outcomes

CMS Facilitators:
– bring significant qualifications, expertise & diverse experience
– respond flexibly to specific needs within/following a facilitated session
– motivate open discussion of differing views with an outcome focus

To discuss your facilitation needs, contact Cost Management Specialists  on +61 411 522 521 or email roi1@costmanagementspecialists.com.au

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