More $s for Vital Projects – 200% Minimum ROI Guarantee


More $s for Vital Projects – 200% ROI Guarantee

You can’t bank ideas, potential, intention or %s. 

You can have a minimum 200% Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) through Cost Management Specialists (CMS). 

That’s right. More money for your vital projects.  Twice your investment in 12 months or your investment refunded!

We guide how you prune so that you grow in the shape and style that you choose!


Competition is tough and getting tougher. Declining profit is often a casualty and can only reduce so far until it become loss!

Opportunity cost doesn’t appear on a Profit and Loss statement. It is the cost you pay by the benefit you forego because of lack of return on investment on every day waste, inefficiency and low productivity.  

CMS identify opportunity cost and convert hidden profit (Lost, Foregone, Escape) to banked $s.


Cost Management Diagnostic Review (DR)of your strategy and operations to identify hidden profit to convert to hard $s in your bank. HOW to improve your cashflow and profit and deliver you 200% ROI guarantee.

ROI in the 1st year will be at least twice your investment when you implement the agreed Cost Management Action Plan or we refund your fee!

ROI in future years is your ongoing bonus. Capped fees but uncapped ROI.


CMS have been finding hidden profit since 1993. CMS continues to identify tools and techniques to find hidden profit. Our results driven strategy is focussed on customer centricity, quality, demand driven supply, digital by default, managed reverse supply chain and measurable profit improvement by engaging client staff in performance improvement

Cost Management Specialists

– ‘eyes’ are expert at finding hidden profit improvement opportunities

– expertise is adding value & minimising waste to improve profit

– communicate opportunities, risks & benefits of a ‘digital by default’ business model

– market test and competitively tender to deliver ‘best value’

– DNA drives research & intelligence on innovative solutions 

Clients in diverse industries understand that CMS convert potential profit to hard $s in their bank by:

– using internationally proven profit improvement strategies

– building the cost management understanding & capability of their staff

– leveraging the benefit of digital transformation.


You choose whether to engage CMS in a ‘proof of concept’ or significant cost management project.  CMS can undertake a nominated project, where opportunity is yet to be realised, or use our ‘cost management eyes’ to identify opportunities. 

a) Diagnostic Report – As Is & Draft To Be

Identification of your areas of low yield and low productivity through unique insight, expertise & experience.

Strategy Target Client Profile, Demand Driven Supply, Business Model,

               Value Stream, Workforce Planning, Revenue/Margin/Cashflow

People    Individual and cross functional capability, Motivation

Process   Productivity, Automation, Flow, Throughput, Reverse Supply Chain, Inventory

Products Quality, Quantity, Unit Cost, Best Value, Innovation

To Be options for agreement with specific, measurable and timely improvement strategies and tactics developed for the preferred option to move resources to areas of higher yield, leverage ROI & increase profit.

b) Draft Cost Management Action Plan

Outlines Baselines (As Is) with proposed specific, measurable and timely targets (To Be) for discussion and agreement.

The Diagnostic Report proposes internal management responsibility, accountability & timelines for action to:

1. Convert potential to actual banked $s.

2. Quantify estimated cost benefit against project fee.

3. Propose ongoing Variance & Trend Reporting

To Be is the agreed specific, measurable and timely targets arising from discussion of the Diagnostic Report.  Targets are then detailed in the Cost Management Action Plan

c) 200%+ ROI Guarantee by implementing the agreed Cost Management Action Plan.

CMS appreciate that it is your business. We provide you with the business intelligence to make informed cost management decisions. We respect your right to decide and equally ask that you understand that if we agree an Action Plan with you, which you then choose not to implement, that voids your refund guarantee.


Currently investing in things with little or negative return.  Think customer dissatisfaction, underutilisation, waste, reverse supply chain, inventory or poor productivity?

” A cynic knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscar Wilde

The CMS commitment is to deliver value at more than twice your investment when we partner with you to implement the agreed Cost Management Action Plan.


CMS provides a signed Confidentiality Agreement to protect against disclosure of information which is not in the public domain.

CMS delivers a Diagnostic Report within 6-weeks of commencement and meet with you to agree the Cost Management Action Plan within 8 weeks of commencement unless otherwise agreed.

CMS engages client staff in cost management initiatives and provide tools, techniques and business intelligence to build their capability and motivation.

As a client, you undertake to provide accurate & timely information to enable CMS to meet jointly agreed deliverables on time. 

Clients Performance Management System is used to define the responsibility and accountability of internal staff to implement the agreed Cost Management Action Plan.  To convert opportunity to banked $s, improving cashflow and increasing profit.


You can’t bank ideas, potential, intention or %s. You can take positive action to bank more $S, improve your customer experience, better utilise capacity, improve quality, and minimise the reverse supply chain.

Put Cost Management Specialists on your Team. Benefit from our strategic yet pragmatic skills in finding and converting hidden profit to banked $s.

Managing Director John Cleary will present your Cost Management Diagnostic Report outlining our Consulting Teams expertise and experience in identifying how you can achieve a 200%+ ROI in the 1st year. As partners we should have high aspirations!

Remember, the Cost Management Action Plan is agreed through a facilitated discussion of your Diagnostic Report. Your business, your decisions backed by shared commitment to convert your hidden profit to your banked $s.

It is time for positive action and better results.

Where are you getting a 200% return on investment today?  Get that tomorrow through a partnership with Cost Management Specialists to build a more profitable business with staff skilled in cost management.  

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