More $s for Vital Projects – Guaranteed

More Banked $s – Guaranteed

 You can’t bank ideas, potential, intention, or percentages.


 You are experiencing variable revenue, declining profit and face an uncertain future.


 Diagnostic Review

  • identify hidden revenue and a profit strategy
  • propose strategies/tactics to convert hidden revenue to banked $s
  • demand planning and revenue forecasting
  • proposed organisational structure to deliver a profit strategy
  • free capacity to fund currently unfunded projects/priorities
  • making ‘value creation’ your ‘business as usual’
  • eliminate factors undermining profitability i.e.quality, customer experience, reverse supply chain, inventory, productivity, waste, error, variance, under-utilisation, over supply


  1. Diagnostic Report                                                             As Is 

          Establishes agreement on Key Performance Indicator baselines.

          Identifies value-adding opportunities

          Details waste minimisation, error reduction & variance management strategies & tactics

          Proposes improving or re-engineering or transforming the value stream or processes within it

          Outlines how you can achieve 100%+ ROI within 12 months of your initial payment.

     2. Draft Cost Management Action Plan

          Proposes low ROI targets to convert to banked $s.

          Proposes responsibility, accountability, and action timelines

          Quantifies estimated cost-benefit against proposed project fee.

    3. Agreed Cost Management Action Plan                       To Be

            Cost Management Specialists facilitate key stakeholders discussion of your Diagnostic Report.

            You adopt a Cost Management Action Plan for your business to:

    • achieve the cost-benefit of specific, measurable, and timely performance targets
    • confirm internal managers and stakeholders responsibility and accountability for implementation 
    • set timelines to convert estimated hidden profit $s to banked $s.


Put Cost Management Specialists on your Team to engage your staff in improving the customers experience, matching throughput to demand, better utilising capacity, & improving quality to convert hidden profit to banked $s.


Partners have shared expectations of each other to achieve agreed outcomes!

Cost Management Specialists partner by providing a signed Confidentiality Agreement to protect your business against disclosure of confidential information and:

  • Implementing tools and techniques to motivate cross-functional collaboration
  • Highlighting the link between applied business intelligence & decision making
  • Building the cost management capability and motivation of staff.
  • Delivering a Diagnostic Report within 6-weeks of commencement
  • Meeting with you to agree the Cost Management Action Plan within 8 weeks of commencement (unless otherwise agreed).

As our partner, you undertake to provide accurate & timely information to enable agreed deliverables to be achieved ‘on time’ and ‘in full’. 

100%+ ROI Guarantee – agreed Cost Management Action Plan.

By implementing the agreed Cost Management Action Plan, we guarantee that ROI within 12 months will be greater than your investment

Should you then choose not to implement the Action Plan agreed with you on time and in full, the 100%+ ROI Guarantee is null and void.