More $s for Vital Projects – 100%+ ROI Guarantee

More $s for Vital Things – 100%+ ROI Guarantee

You can’t bank ideas, potential, intention or percentages. You can have a minimum 100%+ guaranteed Return on Investment 

CONTEXT – A declining profit trend has a predictable outcome! Disruption is your revenue risk.

PROPOSAL – a Diagnostic Review (DR) to convert hidden revenue to banked $s.

Prune and regrow your business:

  • in the sustainable shape & style you choose
  • with capacity to fund currently unfunded projects/priorities
  • to redefine ‘business as usual’ and eliminate factors undermining profitability i.e. customer dissatisfaction, waste, error, variance, underutilisation, reverse supply chain, inventory or productivity. 


        1. Diagnostic Report                 As Is 

             Identifies waste, error, variance and low yield opportunities to convert to banked $s.

             Outlines Baselines with draft performance targets for agreement.

         2. Draft Cost Management Action Plan

               Proposes internal management responsibility, accountability and  timelines for action to:

               – convert potential to actual banked $s.

               – quantify estimated cost benefit against project fee.

         3. Agreed Cost Management Action Plan To Be

               Your business, your decisions.

               The Cost Management Action Plan is:

               – agreed through facilitated discussion of your Diagnostic Report

               – details:

                 – specific, measurable and timely targets (To Be).

                 – internal management responsibility, accountability & timelines to:

                   – convert potential to actual banked $s.

                   – quantify estimated cost benefit against project fee.


You can’t bank ideas, potential, intention or %s. Take positive action for better results.

Put Cost Management Specialists on your Team. Take positive action to improve your customer experience, better utilise capacity, improve quality and convert hidden profit to banked $s.

Managing Director John Cleary will present your Cost Management Diagnostic Report outlining our expertise and experience in identifying how you can achieve 100%+ ROI in the 1st year.


As partners we should have high aspirations of each other to deliver positive project outcomes!

Cost Management Specialists believe the partnership should build a more profitable business with staff skilled in cost management techniques.  CMS will:

  • provide a signed Confidentiality Agreement to protect against disclosure of confidential project information.
  • deliver a Diagnostic Report within 6-weeks of commencement and meet with you to agree the Cost Management Action Plan within 8 weeks of commencement unless otherwise agreed.
  • engage your staff and provide tools, techniques and business intelligence to build their cost management capability and motivation.

As our partner, you undertake to provide accurate & timely information to enable agreed deliverables to be achieved ‘on time’ and ‘in full’. 

100%+ ROI Guarantee – agreed Cost Management Action Plan.

CMS respect your right to consider the business intelligence we provide to assist you make informed decisions.

By implementing the agreed Cost Management Action Plan, we guarantee that ROI in the 1st year will be greater than your investment

Should you then choose not to implement the collaboratively agree Action Plan, that voids your refund guarantee.

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